Target’s Anti-Worker Propaganda Gets a Make-Over

Target’s anti-union video for employees, has gotten a facelift.

The video— which previously drew ridicule for strained and earnest delivery, kitschy and melodramatic graphics, and sub-par production values — appears to have gotten a makeover. The newer video, reviewed by Salon (but which is not being re-posted for legal reasons), echoes or repeats verbatim many of the lines from its predecessor, which Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan posted in 2011 and mocked as “shitty propaganda” with “the production values of an eighth-grade educational film.”

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World’s Most Ethical Employer?


Once again, Ethisphere, an international think-tank, named Target Corp. one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2011, ’12, ’13!
It seems as if Target receives this award annually no matter what.  We all witnessed how Target acted  when their employees from Valley Stream banded together and demanded more from their company.   Target was federally charged and convicted of violating their workers rights, yet today they find themselves on a list of the world’s most ethical companies.  Target is not even the most ethical company in Valley Stream Long Island, let alone the rest of the world.
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Targeting Hispanics: Target’s Multi-Cultural Tips Have Got to Change


Target is getting sued for discrimination by 3 Latino workers. In the case, “Multi-Cultural Tips” on how to Manage Hispanic Employees came out…Here are a few highlights of their tips….

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Let’s Talk About Raises

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